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Gaurav Singh - Melbourne Australia - Speaker @ Mastering SAP - 22-23 May 2024

Gaurav Singh - Melbourne, Australia - Speaker @ Mastering SAP  

Speaker - Gaurav Singh @ Mastering SAP Australia

They say security is a team sport - but just how much security does a sportswear company really need? Turns out a lot if your sportswear company is one of the most recognised sports brands in the world with innovation at your core. Pushing through obstacles to embrace new technologies to benefit athletes is the hallmark of Under Armour. From a humble shirt in 1996 ("The Shorty"), to their first national television ad in 2003 ("Protect this House®"), becoming a billion dollar brand in 2010 to their new movement in 2023 with a focus on young athletes, Baltimore based UA empowers those who strive for more. To safeguard the data that underpins UA's technology innovation and smooth running digital supply chains, Gaurav Singh has been leading SAP cyber security excellence, and will be sharing his insights and best practice in May as part of Mastering SAP Collaborate. Gaurav is an industry expert, speaker and author in cyber security, who has been a part of the